About Me

There isn’t really any reason for me to be writing this. But the prerequisites of a little something I’m exploring currently, were a blog post on either an existing blog or a new one. And I could think of nothing else to write.

My name is Aroma Rodrigues. The former is my dad being sentimental and poetic about his new born and the latter a mark of Portuguese colonialism in India. Of all the many things that I do I would like to mention a few. There is absolutely nothing in the world that I haven’t had a fascination for. I have multiple interests and not necessarily in the same domain. And though it probably looks like a “jack of all trades but a master of none” to a lot of people, it really isn’t. People like me exist, and one of them gave a TED talk explaining that feeling this way was normal.

I’m a book person. I get hooked on to thrillers easily and I read everything and anything at times as long as it stands still in front of my eyes. I write. I’ve tried writing a Harry Potter fan fiction and failed, miserably! Somehow, I couldn’t really help portray Lily Luna Potter as the next superwoman. My bad! I’m philosophical to the roots of my existence. I used to write poems, filled with angst, teenage hormonal weird feelings and a sense of rebellion. The ones that I write now are so much more better. I hope to one day master puns. I enjoy humor, dark, sarcasm, all of it. I lap it all up!

I love beaches. I’ve grown up on one. I’ve got a bag deep inside some drawer full of shells and sand. I also absolutely gorge on food. The fact that I’m an Indian Catholic makes me the best of both world’s foodie. Imagine a breakfast with both parathas and cakes.

I’m studying to be an engineer. Not that I’m changing the world or something, but I’d really love to do something significant someday. I’ve probably written loads of insignificant stuff here, or maybe not. But that’s just the way I write! 😛